Sunshine Coast Hinterland Digital Media Marketing

Core Digital Media is a local Sunshine Coast Hinterland Digital Media Marketing team that provides Maleny, Montville and Flaxton leading Social Media, Content Creation and Website results. 

Feel the difference of working with Sunshine Coast Hinterland locals of over 30+ years who love and understand the region, we can predict how your content will perform best, and we will work alongside you to achieve that goal.

So if you’re looking for an easy-to-work-with, results-driven, local Hinterland Digital Media Marketing team, say hello below!
Valued Sunshine Coast Hinterland Businesses we've worked with since 2021!


Social Media Services

Helping brands start from scratch or picking up businesses in their 30th year of trade, we take every step necessary to rejuvenate your businesses online presence with our Social Media Packages.


Social Advertising

Looking to craft a Facebook, Instagram, Google or Youtube Advertisement? Please speak to our team today for more information.


Content Creation

Need some Reels? A new banner video for your Website? Photo's of your company in action? Let's make your vision come to life!


SEO and Website Design

Is your Website under preforming? How long has it been since someones worked on your SEO or even updated content? Don't wait any longer!

Sunshine Coast Hinterland Social Media Services

Sunshine Coast Hinterland Digital Media Marketing

Finding it challenging to juggle a million things at once and then having to post on Social Media?

Social Media can quickly become a burden for Business Owners, most likely due to time restraints and being unable to switch off that 'work' mode after a long day.

Keeping a consistent and on-brand Social Media presence is one of the most crucial elements for any business wishing for progression in 2023.

Core Digital Media can work with you to create that dream look you always envisioned your brand to represent online, as well as bringing you proven results.

Hear from our clients and check out their socials below...

Paradise Seaplanes

"This is the first time in seven years I've spent money and actually seen results!"

- Shawn Kelly

Flaxton Gardens

Core Digital Media has enabled us to grow in confidence due to the clarity of where our money spent gets the best results.
The positive proactive approach to marketing, instead of reactive, has allowed us to get on the front foot,
instead of chasing our tail constantly, which was common before we started with Core Digital Media. Working with experienced people
who have proven their product works has given us huge confidence.

- Alan Thompson

Sunshine Coast Hinterland Tourism

Marlene has the unique ability, and industry experience, to convey wedding content beautifully, and effectively, for social engagement.
These skills were put to the test during our HTSC Summer Showcase and our HTSC Winter Wedding Festival both of which culminated
in outstandingly successful events for the Sunshine Coast Hinterland region.

- Kerry Brown

The Sunshine Coast Hinterland has some of the best wedding venues Queensland and Australia have to offer; we really are spoilt for choice here! 

Core Digital Media is proud to announce that we are the lead media team behind the Maleny Wedding Festival. We recently completed our largest festival yet, credit to strategically planned paid advertising campaigns and keeping up to date with the newest marketing strategies in 2023 over all platforms.

This project was filmed, edited and ready to go in 2 weeks, with an additional 10+ Reels/Tik Toks made over the events weekend.

We cover Maleny Wedding Festivals: Social Media, Advertising, Filming and Content Creation. See all of our work below:


Hinterland Social Media, Hinterland Social Media Marketing

Who are we?

Starting from humble beginnings around the family dining room table in Maleny on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Core Digital Media quickly made a name for itself for bringing businesses actual results on social media, not just fake promises! With the combined skillset of Marlene, Simon and Jackson Murray, we can guarantee that our family business will make you a priority.

We aim to bring Sunshine Coast and Sunshine Coast Hinterland businesses digital marketing services from locals who live, breathe and, most importantly, understand the region.

The Hinterland Community oozes a warm, hard-working and honest way of life; those values are what Core Digital Media lives by!

Marlene and Simon share 35+ years in the Wedding and Tourism Industry and can translate that experience into helping similar businesses in the region start to flourish online. ‘Weddings’ and ‘Tourism’ are some of Australia’s most over-saturated markets. You’ll likely fall behind if you don’t know how to work your business niche to a new demographic in your location. 

Marlene currently manages high-profile accounts such as Sunshine Coast Hinterland, which just achieved 40,000 followers and a 3 million monthly reach. Combining her extensive industry knowledge and the ability to adapt to the forever-changing algorithm of Facebook and Instagram, Marlene’s success pathed the way for Core Digital Media to evolve into what it is today.

Simon is our behind-the-scenes man who holds everything together! Everyone deserves a Simon in their lives because we would be well out of our depth without his quick decision-making, attention to detail and unconditional love. 

Jackson has a Bachelor of Film Production and is our answer for the technical side of things from content creation, websites and graphic design. Film School was a natural gateway into the Social Media world. Jackson soon expanded his skillset into Website Design and now focuses on bringing brands a coherent transition between their socials and website.